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Samsung preparing 5.1-inch and 6-inch Galaxy Mega 2?

It seems that Samsung's upcoming SM-G750 series may actually be connected with the Galaxy Mega 2, at least if a new report from @evleaaks proves correct.
May 15, 2014

When the Samsung Galaxy Mega first debuted it came with decisively mid-to-low range specs and in two monstrous sizes: one with a 5.8-inch display and the other at 6.3-inches. Now it seems that a followup to the original might be in the works, though this time around Samsung may be reining in the screen sizes a bit with a 6-inch and 5.1-inch model.

We’ve actually known about the 5.1-inch SM-G750A for a while, but previously it was believed to be a lower-end Galaxy S5 variant that would end up as part of the Neo family. Now a new tweet from famed leaker @evleaks suggests that we could instead be looking at a connection to the Mega family.

The Samsung SM-G750 self-identifies as “Mega 2.”
— @evleaks (@evleaks) May 15, 2014

So where does the 6-inch screen size come into play? The same shipping list that first gave away the SM-G750A as packing a 5.1-inch display also points to a SM-G750F with a larger 6-inch screen. The list is said to contain information about handsets that were reportedly on their way to India for further testing. Obviously we can’t confirm that the list is legit, nor that either hands really are members of a the Galaxy Mega family, but we wouldn’t be too surprised if they were.


As for the device’s other specs? We don’t know with any certainty what kind of specs the 5.1-inch or 6-inch version of the Galaxy Mega 2 will pack (if they really exist), but previous rumors claimed the SM-G750 might feature a 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 CPU and a 720p display. If this proves right, that’s actually a pretty impressive processor package in comparison to the original Galaxy Mega line.

What do you think, could Samsung be preparing new members to the Mega family that pack more impressive specs and slightly smaller screens? If the prices were still budget-oriented, would anyone be interested in a Galaxy Mega 2?