samsung galaxy gear aa 20

For those of you in the UK who may be interested in the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, you’re in luck. Clove has just announced pre-orders for Samsung’s new wearable tech. It will set you back £235 plus delivery and VAT.

While the Galaxy Gear is a nice foray into wearable tech for the world’s number one Android device manufacturer, and the ability to purchase one is great, a few things have us concerned. The Gear will only work with the Note 3 or Note 10.1 right now, and the price seems a bit steep.

Clove is also offering the Sony Smartwatch 2 for free with the purchase of an Xperia Z1, and it would have been nice to see a similar offer with the Gear. Clove has the Note 3 for pre order, and the Gear, but they’re not offered as a tandem — even though the Gear can’t survive on its own.

For smartwatch fans, or at least those interested, the packaged Sony deal may sway some consumers. Clove notes the first batch of stock is set to arrive the last week of September, and they’ll have all colors on offer.

Once again, Samsung has done a great job in making their device available on a massive scale, right after launch. For what the Gear is, we’d be hesitant to purchase one on its own.