Samsung Galaxy

A couple of screenshots from the Galaxy Gear Manager smartphone app have hit the web from a trusted source, further backing up previous rumors regarding Samsung’s first smartwatch.

The image below comes from @evleaks, a source that has been very accurate with previous mobile leaks, and seems to reveal certain details about the upcoming Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

First of all, the Galaxy Gear name is clearly mentioned. Furthermore, we notice the SM-V700 model number, which has been seen before in Gear-related reports.

Moreover, NFC and Bluetooth connectivity are mentioned in the first screenshot. The smartwatch will connect to smartphones running the Gear Manager app using NFC and Bluetooth. Manually setting up a connection is also possible.

The second screenshot lists settings and apps for the smartwatch, encouraging users to set their “personal watch settings” – and thus confirming the Gear is a smartwatch.

Galaxy Gear Manager

There are various apps listed including “Clocks,” “My apps,” “Samsung Apps,” but also a “Find my watch” option.

While the Gear Manager app is not yet official, and the screenshots can’t be verified just yet, we’ll notice that a very detailed Galaxy Gear published by GigaOm not to long ago mentioned the manager app. The same story also suggested that Samsung will have some of its own apps installed on the device.

The Galaxy Gear smartwatch will be introduced next week alongside the Galaxy Note 3 at Samsung’s September 4 media event in Berlin, Germany.