galaxy-alpha-specifications brazil

More signs that the release of the metal-clad Galaxy Alpha is imminent: the phone’s specifications leaked again and the device lent its name to a yachting event in Russia.

The first leak originates from Brazil, where an anonymous reader sent the image above to tech site Tecmundo. There’s no way to tell for sure if the image is real, but this close to the Alpha’s rumored mid-August release, there’s a good chance it’s authentic.

The specs listed on the billboard bring no surprises – the leak confirms the Galaxy Alpha’s screen size and resolution, Exynos processor, and 1,860 mAh battery, as well as the inclusion of a fingerprint sensor and heart rate monitor. It’s the second time we hear the Alpha would feature a ~1850 mAh battery; the relatively small capacity is likely a downside of the phone’s very thin profile of just six millimeters. We’ll see if Samsung managed to optimize the Alpha well enough to ensure decent battery life.

According to Tecmundo’s source, the Alpha should launch in Brazil in the second part of August or early September, and should hit the shelves by October.


Moving on to the second sighting of the Alpha, the device made a surprise appearance at a Russian social event this weekend. Samsung Russia jumped the gun with the PR activities for the Galaxy Alpha, as the device’s name was displayed prominently at a yachting regatta and at least some of the participants got to play with the device.


That’s according to prominent local tech site Hi-tech.Mail, which reported that the Alpha would be officially unveiled in Russia this week. The website appears to have taken down the post, not before SamMobile picked up the story.

Given these latest sightings, as well as previous reports, it’s very likely that Samsung will lift the veils on the Galaxy Alpha this week, possibly on Wednesday, August 13. Stay tuned for more details.

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