With an earlier unveiling by Samsung on January 3, the Galaxy Ace Plus seems to be yet another budget phones for users interested in Android, that do not want to spend a lot of coin. The phone is said to release in Russia, with European countries to follow later this month, or even early February.

The phone being a budget device does not have a lot of great specs. The Galaxy Ace Plus will contain a 1GHz processor, 3.65” HVGA screen, 5MP camera with flash, 3GB of storage and 512MB of RAM, and 1300 mAh battery. Along with a small price, which has not been released yet.

See, not to impressive but it is nice to know that it does have expandable memory with an SD card slot, maxing out at 32GB.

With Android 2.3 and the offerings of standard Google services (Android Market, Google Maps, YouTube, etc.) the phone  seems like a great wallet friendly device, or fro those who just want a taste of what Samsung has to offer.

I believe that Samsung is doing a great job with the Galaxy series. Just about every phone holding the “Galaxy” name offers something different when it comes to price, power, and navigation.

What do you think of the Ace Plus? Will you get this budget blasting device, or hold out for more to come from Samsung later this year? I would love to hear your comments.

Will G.
I am a huge fan of Android. Almost being with Android Authority for close to a year, it is really nice to see new, talented writers embrace the "Android Dream" with the group of writers we have. My role at Android Authority is currently as a writer, to accompany my past skills in editing and reviewing top products for this site. I now sport a Samsung Galaxy Nexus.