Looking for a good laugh? Then this app is definitely for you. The Fluffy Guy application for Android gives you exclusive and up to the minute access to Gabriel Iglesias.

Newest Update

The app was officially released towards the end of 2010 / beginning 2011. However, the newest update includes:

  1. Performance improvements
  2. Bug fixes (Always a good thing, especially for Android)
  3. Facebook upgrade
  4. Foursquare upgrade
  5. Better graphics performance
  6. Add photos to any comment
  7. Ability to refresh more content
  8. Ability to load more content
  9. Offline Mode – the ability to download all content for offline viewing
  10. End date/time for events
  11. Email and SMS sharing (to show your friends)
  12. New Widget
  13. And as always, much more…

Gabriel’s stand-up comedy and television appearances have become popular in the last few years. His shows I’m Not Fat… I’m Fluffy and Hot & Fluffy are best remembered by the phrases “Oh, I’m not fat, I’m fluffy”, “Levels of Fatness”, and “Oh, Hell no!”. Furthermore, Gabriel’s comedy acts are famous for including voices, sound effects, storytelling, and Hawaiian shirts.


Created by Mobile Roadie, the app is very well designed and implemented. After downloading the application, users will be treated with the following features:

  • Full list of upcoming tour dates
  • A slew of funny videos.
  • Audio bits
  • Free wallpapers
  • Soundboard
  • News feed
  • Instant access to all of Gabriel’s social networks
  • Live recordings to some of Gabriel’s best shows
Compatibility and Feedback
The app has gotten above par reviews and feedback about the quality and compatibility. The app is completely free to download and requires Android 2.1+.

Download Link: Here