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Style comes at a cost - G Watch R to cost 100 euros more than G Watch in Europe

Thanks to an apparent slipup of LG Germany, it looks like we found out the price of the LG G Watch R, and it’s not good news.
August 28, 2014

LG took us by surprise with its late night announcement of the circular G Watch R, but there were two important details missing from the official press release – the G Watch R’s price and availability.

Now, thanks to an apparent slipup of LG Germany, it looks like we found out the price, and it’s not good news.

According to the German press release announcing the G Watch R, the device will cost 299 euros, a full 100 euros more than the rectangular G Watch, released just a couple of months ago.

Since the specs of the circular G Watch are almost the same with those of its rectangular predecessor, the logical conclusion to draw is that you pay for the image. The circular P-OLED display may be more expensive and manufacturing costs could be overall higher for the G Watch R, but it looks likely that LG is trying to bank (at least partially) on the more desirable circular form factor.

In our open thread on the G Watch R and how it compares to the Moto 360, most of you said you’ll wait for details before making a decision, and the price is probably the most important detail of all. Motorola’s round smartwatch will probably cost $250 – if the G Watch R costs $300-$350 in the US, it may have a hard time competing.

The German press release also slates the G Watch R’s release date for October, though other regions may get it at a different time.