If you’re in the UK, chances are you’ve been waiting with baited breath over the eventual release of this monster device. Well, the wait comes to an end next Tuesday, when Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile and Orange start taking orders through Phones4u, a well known UK retailer.

Let’s get down to the pricing, since that’s what most of you want to know. It varies per network: on O2,  you can swing a free Galaxy Note 2, and an allowance consisting of unlimited texts, unlimited minutes and 1GB of data for at least £41 per month. Vodafone offers a little better, at £42 per month, for the same swanky call and text package, but with 2GB of data included. Those who have to pinch their budget to get this mobile, it’s possible to retain a cheaper plan but pay for a good part of the device upfront. We’re talking in the neighbourhood of £299.

For actual shipping dates, mark your calendars for Tuesday, Oct. 2 as that is when Phones4u expects to start processing orders from all networks.

Those of you in America, hang on and hang tight. We have a feeling the release may be sooner than you think, despite the drama between Samsung vs. Apple.