There’s many factors to consider when choosing a new bag, but the true gadget warrior will definitely want something with a bit of tech built-in. Many of us struggle with battery life, so a built-in charger will be golden when trying to make our gadgets last the whole school day.

So what’s stopping us all from getting a bag with a built-in charger? Mostly price, which is why today’s AA Deals Store offer is especially exciting. You can get an FYL built-in charger bag for only $79.99, which is a 49% discount over the original $159 price point.

These bags come with an included 11,000 mAh battery pack. To put that into perspective, most phones with a “large” battery will have about a 3000 mAh cell. These bags also come with convenient outside pockets for carrying your gadgets, as well as a padded laptop compartment which fits laptops with screens as big as 14 inches.

To make matters even better, these FYL bags are not only high-tech – they also happen to look great! They come with classic designs and an array of different colors. You can opt for the JORG design in either black or brown/green. The MAPMAKER touts a longer blueprint and a cream accent. And if you are a fan of blue hues, the DUSTIN is definitely a looker.

You can get these straight from the AA Deals Store now for only $79.99. Go grab them while they are still hot!