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FX Photo Editor: Feature-rich photo editor for rich photo effects

April 3, 2012

Are you fond of editing your photos on the go? There are a lot of Android apps dedicated to photo editing. If you are a beginner or even if you have tried several photo-editing apps, there’s this app that you might want to give a try. It’s called FX Photo Editor, which allows you to edit photos quickly by providing you with more than a hundred preset effects to choose from. It also has several other new additional features making it a great photo-editing package that you can use for free.

FX Photo Editor is created by JellyBus, Inc. to help photo-editing fanatics to do some quick photo tweaking on their Android devices. This app is not only very handy and effective in editing photos but is also very simple to use with its user-friendly interface. Also, it has new features like the option to move to SD card, as well as some improvements to sharing.

Using FX Photo Editor

Upon opening the app, you will immediately see several on-screen controls on the right of the screen that will allow you to load or take a photo and you will also see the User manual and Settings.

If you decide to import a picture from your gallery, the app will let you choose from three resolution sizes, namely Fast, Normal, and Pro. On the bottom of the screen you will also see controls that will allow you to take a picture, share, save, crop and add effects to your photo.

If you want to edit a photo, there are four categories that you can choose from. You can either Crop or Rotate the photo, adjust Brightness and Contrast by tweaking the Exposure, Adjust Color and White Balance, or play with the saturation and brightness by using the Curves and Histogram options.You also have the options to add borders, vignetting effects and different textures to your image.

The aforementioned features of this app will be useful if you have time to explore and tweak your photo, but the most handy highlight of this app is that it allows you to quickly edit your photos by applying presets.

The app provides you with over a hundred presets to choose from. When you tap the FX Studio menu, you will be given different presets such as HDR, Art, Grunge, Professional, and Black & White. Those are the presets available in the free version of the app, but you get more presets to choose from if you buy the paid version of the app.

Selecting a preset is not the last step, the app will allow you to further tweak your image based on the preset that you choose. For example, if you choose the Color Splash preset, you can adjust the hue of the image as you desire it to be.

This app will really come in very handy especially if you are a beginner because it allows you to do quick and easy photo-editing. FX Photo Editor is free on the Google Play Store, but if you wish to have more presets and a higher resolution you can also buy the pro version.

What photo-editing apps do you use on your Android phone? How do they compare to FX Photo Editor?