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Future Google to provide search results even before you search for them

World’s largest online search engine Google is looking to improve its results by providing information on things you wonder on daily basis but never Google. For this purpose the company is conducting a study involving about 150 people and asking questions related to stuff they want to know about.
November 29, 2012

Delivering the right information even before you ask for it seems to be Google’s next big venture. According to MIT’s Technology Review editor Tom Simonite, Google is working to improve its mobile search by conducting studies that will enable the search giant to provide information you have never thought of searching for online. Tom Simonite revealed some questions he wouldn’t have gone to Google to answer such as how long the line is at the nearest grocery store or questions that appear during offline activities such as reading a book, cooking a meal etc.

Simonite, who was part of Google’s research writes that he was contacted on his mobile device eight randomly chosen times per day for three days by Google and was asked different study related questions. Google’s researchers asked questions like “What did you want to know recently?” and the research included around 150 people who were asked the same questions.

To explain what Google wants to deliver to its users in the future in a nutshell, Jon Wiley, the Lead user-experience designer for Google says, “the perfect search engine will provide you with exactly what you need to know at exactly the right moment, potentially without you having to ask for it.”

While Wiley has not revealed any other significant information related to this project, he says that similar studies will be conducted in the future as well. The future Google Search will provide more sophisticated search results and will combine the information it has related to you such as location data and real time feeds to provide relevant results to your searches, including those that you haven’t thought of searching online. The first steps in that direction have already been achieved with Google Now on Android devices.