The blog of Mozilla developer Vladimir Vukićević has some interesting juicy bits for all Android owner and enthusiasts. Vukićević admits that he hasn’t posted much recently on his blog, but it would seem that his updates are worth waiting for.

In his update it becomes clear that he is testing the full version of Firefox on his Android emulator and not Fennec. That is not to say that there won’t be a Fennec on Android, but that there may be Firefox on devices which pack the right hardware to support it.

You’ll note that this is the full Firefox interface, and not the Fennec/Firefox Mobile UI; we’re testing with the full interface because it’s significantly more complex than the mobile UI and stresses Gecko much more. So, if the full UI works, then Fennec should work fine as well. Given the interest in Android on netbook and tablet devices, an updated version of the full Firefox UI might find a home on some of these. Android has been pretty great to work with so far; it’s a bit unusual platform for us due to its Java core, but with the NDK we’re able to bridge things together without many problems.

Indeed, Vukićević makes it clear that he is looking forward to running Fennec on his Droid, and not ‘Firefox’. In fact, he makes multiple references to this at the end of his blog post. Nonetheless, it is good news for people waiting for Fennec/Firefox on Android.

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.