What do you get when you combine a smartphone, tablet, laptop, and a camera into one device—the Fujitsu Lifebook 2013, of course! Even though the device is still a concept, it sets itself apart from the ones that come pretty close to it—including the currently available ASUS Padfone.

Compared to a typical laptop, the Lifebook 2013 does not have its own keyboard. Instead, it is accompanied by a tablet can simply be attached to a slot, where it transforms itself into a fully touch-based QWERTY keyboard. Although it sounds silly, it is actually a good idea for anyone on the go. Once this keyboard is detached, it turns into a tablet once again, perfect for game play or using as a sketchpad. Thanks to this connectivity, users can easily sync contents of their phone into their laptop without the need for any wires.

This same feature was also witnessed on the KT Spider Concept, which was first spotted at IFA last year. The only difference with this tablet though is that it does not replace a keyboard. This is why the Lifebook 2013 is a unique concept of its own. Either way, we’ll have to wait for more information on this new innovation and we hope to get more information about it in the coming months!

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