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Fujitsu's new ad transmission technology allows smart phone owners to pull data from their TV

October 7, 2012
We currently have a plethora of ways to get data to our smart phones. We can use QR codes, messages and email, and even NFC. At this year’s CEATEC, Fujitsu has demonstrated a new way to get data from the world to our smart phones. This method uses our televisions.

It’s much the same premise as a QR code. When a TV commercial prompts you to, you open up your camera and point it at the screen. The TV advertisement then transmits a coupon or a website where you can learn more details. Where you point your camera doesn’t matter, although it is recommended you get your whole screen in the viewfinder.

Once the data is obtained, the phone should just open up the coupon or the website and you do with it what you please. Fujitsu’s new ad transmission has a boatload of applications, especially for companies who want to advertise their products. Instead of prompting viewers to check their website or to call them on a toll free number, people interested can just point their cameras at the TV. This could result in shorter, less obnoxious commercials.

Is Fujitsu’s technology only applicable to commercial use?

No, it is not. Any TV commercial can use Fujitsu’s technology to link you wherever it wants you to go. Non profit organizations can direct you to their websites and petitions. There doesn’t seem to be any limits as to what a commercial can transmit to you.

There is also the chance that companies can use Fujitsu’s new advertising for special offers only available if you use this method. Much like the special offers you can get by checking into a place on Foursquare.

What is interesting is that this may not be limited to just commercial use. Since it has no effect on the picture, this technology could theoretically be used by TV shows or TV stations in general to embed cool Easter eggs into their shows. If anyone remembers the TV show Heroes, there was a whole comic series that went with the TV show. How cool would it have been to point your phone at the TV while the show was on to open the website with the comics?

Fujitsu may be on to something big here. Companies from every industry are always looking for new ways to advertise and Fujitsu is doing something no one has really done before. Would you use Fujitsu’s technology if it were available to you? Let us know what you think.