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Fujifilm joins the trillion dollar club, sues Motorola over Android

July 16, 2012

Fujifilm, the Japanese photography giant, has apparently decided that it’s time to join the Android patent bash-fest with a legal action of its own. The target is Motorola, now a Google subsidiary, and the weapon is a package of four patents that Fujifilm claims are infringed by Android.

Florian Mueller over at FOSS Patents has analyzed the legalese and came to the conclusion that the patents are very broadly worded. For example, Fujifilm claims ownership over the idea of “a telephone that can communicate with other devices (e.g., a computer) over a path other than the telephone network”. In other words, the Japanese could sue just about any smartphone maker out there, so it’s a bit unclear to me why they chose Motorola in particular (other their allegiance to the Google overlords that is).

Mueller goes on to highlight the increasing number of large publicly traded companies that have commenced various legal actions against Android OEMs. Apple, Oracle, Microsoft, Gemalto, British Telecom, Nokia, and now Fujifilm have all taken Google or Android manufacturers to court, to various degrees of success. According to Mueller’s math, the combined market value of these seven companies amounts to an incredible $1 trillion.

Interested in the patent wars? Check out this neat infographic that shows exactly who is sueing whom in the tech world. Without giving away any spoilers, let’s say that Apple has a good seat in the front row…