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Fuhu is known for its Nabi tabs, a series of Android tablets made for the lively kids in our families. They make them resistant and child-friendly, which does usually mean these devices come in sizes compatible with small hands. Fuhu is taking its business to another level with their latest announcement – a couple tablets that may seem more like TVs at first sight.

The Nabi Big Tab HD 20 and Nabi Big Tab HD 24 come in sizes reflected by their names; 20 and 24 inches, respectively. Why would you want your kids to carry these around the house (aside from helping them build some arm muscle)? Fuhu built these with family activities in mind. Not to mention, it includes many child-centric and education applications, similar to what we have seen from Nabi in the past.

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There is Two Play and Game Room, which offer multiple types of board games, classic games and even activities like air hockey. Show Time and Story Time have interactive videos and books to help kids and parents spend some good time together with curated content. There is even a chore list and a whole system that allows you to manage parental controls.

Among these features lays Dual Mode, which offers exactly what it entails. You can choose between entering adult or child modes, both having different controls and restrictions.

Fuhu Nabi Big Tab specs

  • 20-inch 1600x900p or 24-inch 1920x1080p display
  • NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor
  • 16 GB of internal storage

The complete list of specs is not made available to the public just yet, but that is probably information the target audience may find irrelevant. The experience for kids should be more than enough to keep parents interested.

These large screens may not be what you had in mind. We have only seen large Windows 8 computers take this form factor, but Android may be able to better provide for a neat and simple kid UI. And at the very least you know kids won’t be loosing these… right?

Price and release date

The Nabi Big Tab 20 and Big Tab 24 will be priced at $449 and $549, with a world-wide launch coming this Fall. Not the lowest price for the specs, but it’s unlike other Android tablets out there. Will you bite?