Apple has just had a big win in the landmark Apple vs. Samsung patent infringement case, which leaves consumers wondering whether a single company can claim ownership of rounded rectangles after all. If you want to get involved in the epic legal war, you can now have a say even if your name is not Lucy Koh or Florian Mueller. A new mobile game pits the iOS and Android platforms against each other in a fun (and less expensive) way.

Apple fanboys/girls and Fandroids now have a better outlet against each other, says Aussie developer Mirsad Makalic, who cites Apple vs. Android arguments in his workplace as an inspiration for building the game. “We had many arguments and discussions about the whole Apple vs. Android thing.”

Fruit vs. Robot is available on both iOS and Android platforms as a free download from the App Store and Google Play, respectively. The game is a collection of trivia, board and arcade games.

Sure, you won’t get a billion dollars with when you win, but at least you won’t be accused of monopolistic patent-trolling or slavish copying.

Check out the demo video below.