Android Phone Benchmark

Android Phone Benchmark

Gizmodo have completed a detailed review of Android 2.2 and to sum things up nicely, I thought I would start by quoting Buchanan and say that “Android 2.2 is the first version of Android that feels totally complete—”. I think that this is something that many people would tend to agree with. Aside from offering a well written account of the new OS, Gizmodo and Buchanan touch on some of the ‘lingering issues’ which he feels are something which stops Android from reaching its full potential.

There are still too many buried features, hidden by menu button, and general complexities, like a separate email app for non-Gmail accounts, remain

I strongly recommend that you go ahead and read the full thing here. It is certainly worth your while if only to inspire you for your next Android device. Within the review Gizmodo carry out some performance benchmarks for the web browser. However, in an interesting article over at Android & Me, the bloggers have revealed a nice piece of software called Quadrant from Aurora Softworks. This application aims to bench mark higher-end Android devices.

This application reveals that the Google Nexus One with Android 2.2 really does outperform all other high-end Android smartphone devices. In fact, it receives a 300 percent performance gain, or thereabouts. Google weren’t lying when they speculated about a 100% to 500% improvement. Check out this interesting read here.

James Tromans

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