So it’s friday night and it looks like you have nothing better to do then to surf the greatest Android News website on the planet, of course we are talking about ourselves, Android Authority. So let’s put this time to good use and vote in our latest poll. Tonight we are asking you, how many apps do you have installed on your Android phone (we will do one for tablets in the near future).

Nowadays with all the bloatware that comes on these devices, they come stock with about 50 applications or more, so when you vote in the poll below use the number of applications that you actually installed. So this does not include apps like calendar, email, gmail, etc.

If you’d like to take it a step further, you can post your apps in the comments. That way if some of us are looking for some new apps we can just surf through the comments and find some nice ones.

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Do you have any ideas for future polls? Email us and let us know, you may see your question posted here in the near future.

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