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$120 Innovative Magnetic Headphones for just $30

The FRESHeBUDS Pro Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds combine innovation and style. While the offer lasts you can get a pair for just $29.95.
July 30, 2017

Whatever you look for in headphones, The FRESHeBUDS Pro Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds tick a lot of boxes. Temptingly, this week you can pick up a pair for just $29.95.

These high quality earbuds connect to your device via Bluetooth, so if you’re out jogging there’s no risk of getting tangled in them. Of course this means that they’re battery powered, but with a 6 hour battery life they’re not going to die on you anytime soon.

Speaking of jogging, these headphones are designed with such activities in mind. They’re secured in the ear as well as being water and sweat resistant. You can also control music and sound from the headphones themselves, so you needn’t juggle your device on the run. There’s also a built in mic for those hands-free calls.

Novelty, meet innovation.

But the real kicker is that when you’re not using the earbuds they stick together magnetically. This isn’t just to keep them around your neck, though it does help of course. Pulling the buds apart automatically pairs them with your device. Once in use, putting them together stops your playback and pulling them apart again restarts it. Novelty, meet innovation.

And as you would expect of this calibre of headphone, they produce great sound quality given their lightweight size.

The FRESHeBUDS Pro have a $120 retail value, and on Amazon they’re currently selling at around $75. That’s why we thought you’d want to know that right now you can pick them up for just $29.95. Aren’t we good to you.

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