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Curious Catch: FreeUP lets you EARN free coverage!

FreeUP is a new mobile carrier on the AT&T Network. It offers great rates on 4G LTE plans, and there are ways you can make it even cheaper!
April 29, 2018
We love finding offers which are a bit left-field, so look out for our ‘Curious Catch’ range of deals. Today we’ve got some interesting mobile plans from FreeUP which are the perfect example.

FreeUP is a new provider on the AT&T network. If you only use a few GB of data every month but you love to chat then FreeUP has some great plans for you. Not to mention an intriguing twist!

What’s so great about these plans?

There are two ‘unlimited’ plans to choose from. That means unlimited talk & text to the US, Mexico, Canada, and 100+ more countries. For all of that plus 1GB of data you only pay $25 per month.

For the same plan with a heftier 4GB of data then you’re still only charged $40 per month. There’s even a $10 discount on the first month of that plan. Both are superb value to be on the the nation’s top network.


You can bring your own GSM compatible phone, or buy one from FreeUP if you prefer. There are also options to bolt-on more data if needed.

Not bad FreeUP. What’s the twist?

Get this: You can lower your monthly bills by performing certain tasks! Don’t worry though, this isn’t the start of the new Saw movie, these are promotional tasks which aren’t exactly taxing.

You simply download the FreeUP Rewards app and choose which tasks you’re into. It could be taking online surveys, referring family and friends, online shopping, downloading mobile apps, using coupons, or just watching videos.

You can earn on average $10-$25 of rewards per month.

It makes sense when you think about it. FreeUP get a little helper, and you get lower monthly bills. It’s win-win. Makes you wonder why no one thought of it before.

Watch videos for discounts? I could do that

Hey, it’s better than watching vids for more lives on some two-bit mobile game right?

If you want to know more or sign up to FreeUP then check out the widgets and buttons below.

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