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FreedomPop sweetens its free phone service by adding 4G LTE, also adds a premium $20 unlimited plan

Sprint-based MVNO FreedomPop has just upped its game significantly by adding support for 4G LTE and bringing somewhat newer phones like the Galaxy S4 to its network. Additionally, there's now a $20 all-you-can-eat plan for those looking for more than the 'free' phone plan.
May 22, 2014
samsung galaxy s4 back side aa

FreedomPop first introduced its free U.S.-based mobile phone service in October of last year. At the time, they promised 200 voice minutes, 500 text messages and 500MB for absolutely free, aside from the initial cost of buying a phone. There was even an unlimited talk/text option for $10.99, though no way to expand the limited amount of data.

Fast-forwarding to today, FreedomPop still offers the same amounts of data, texts and voice for free, but it’s sweetening the pot by introducing a $20 “Unlimited Everything” option for those that need even more. With the unlimited package you not only get unlimited talk and text, but you can also consume as much data as you like.

So what’s the catch? As you might expect, they do limit the amount of high-speed data. You can utilize 1GB of data at LTE speeds each month, after that you can continue to eat all the data you want, but at 3G levels instead. All new LTE-supported devices on FreedomPop also offer free tethering as an added bonus.


Smartphone choices just got a whole lot better

In October, FreedomPop didn’t offer 4G LTE. Heck, the only handset they gave us at launch was the aging HTC Evo Design. Things got a bit better when they introduced a bring-your-own device program in November that allowed you to bring the Galaxy S3, Galaxy Nexus and a few older (non-LTE) handsets over to their Sprint-based network.

Now FreedomPop is raising the bar once again, offering the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3 LTE and the Samsung Victory 4G LTE. Pricing is $349, $189 and $119 respectively.

So how does FreedomPop work? In a nutshell, it uses Sprint’s 4G LTE network and places all calls and texts through a VOIP system, as opposed to using a traditional method for making calls/texts. Of course, FreedomPop will only be worth your consideration if you happen to live in an area with strong Sprint coverage.

Anyone interested in giving FreedomPop a try now that it’s embracing 4G LTE? Any existing FreedomPop customers reading this, and if so, what do you think of the service based on your experience with it?