Free VoIP calls using your Android phone can help you save money however, keep in mind that you can only call people that have the same app installed on their device. So if you are planning to call mobile phones or landline numbers, you may want to prepare cash for an expensive phone bill. But if you want to make regular calls without using minutes, check the guide below.

This will guide will show you how you can use your 3G, 4G, or WiFi connection to make calls in any landline or mobile phone numbers in the USA or Canada, and receive calls to your mobile device, free of charge!

How to do it

There are two tools that you will need for making this possible: the Groove IP which you can download for 4.99USD, and the Google Voice, which is a free app offered by Google. The latter offers free calls to Canada and US mobile and landline numbers, while the Groove IP is an app that you need to download to allow free calling functionality for any Android device.

Groove IP and Google Voice will work simultaneously by ensuring that your internet connection will be used for receiving and taking calls, instead of your minutes. However, Google Voice is exclusive for USA residents only and will require you to input a USA phone number which they will verify and authenticate.

Using this app will require you to get a new number, but you can still keep the phone number provided by your mobile phone provider. While all outgoing calls will be connected via your new Google Voice number, it will also serve as your mobile number which your friends have to call if you want to avail free incoming calls.

Any limitations when using the service?

Using Google Voice will disable your phone from calling emergency numbers and international numbers, aside from USA and Canada for free. Although you can make international calls, you will be charged by Google with the respective international rates and once they decide to disable the service, you can no longer make free calls to USA and Canada phone numbers.

Another important note to keep in mind is to make sure that your Google Voice account will only be used if you are logged in through Groove IP. In short, you need to utilize an app which you do not regularly use in chatting on Gtalk, since Google Voice can only route calls one at a time. You also need to make sure that you are not logged in on multiple locations to make free USA and Canada calls.

Step by step directions on making and receiving free calls

To make free USA and Canada calls and receive international calls from different parts of the world, follow the instruction below:

1. Register and create a Google Voice account for free. However, you will need a USA phone number which the website will verify for authentication of your account.

2. Log into Google Voice and go to settings so that you can forward calls to your Google chat account. To do this, click the Phones tab and set Forward calls to your Google chat account. This is done to avoid confusion when receiving international calls.

3. Purchase, download and install the Groove IP app. Once done successfully, log on your Google Voice account and enable making calls over 3G/4G connection. If you do not have an active data plan from your cell phone company, then there will be no more need to enable calling over 3G/4G, since you can use WiFi connectivity

4. Once you have successfully finished with the last step, you can now make free USA and Canada calls and at the same time, receive international calls for free.