android_navigation_street_sWait, not in the USA!?

AndNav2 is the first piece of turn-by-turn navigation software to arrive on the Android platform.  The maps it uses are not from Google Maps, but rather OpenStreetMap instead.  The AndNav2  application is free, but will only be available for Germany, France, Denmark, the U.K., Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, and Ireland.  Video after the jump!

From the video, it appears as if the app is very clean, well written, and acts akin to many of its GPS unit counterparts.  The app’s effect on battery life is still to be determined, though.

But why no support for the Americans?  Well, Nicolas Gramlich, the developer of AndNav let Gizmodo know that opening the app to the U.S. market would create a far greater need for server resources.  And since the app is free (it is open to donations) opening the app to the U.S. would require money for those extra resources. On the AndNav homepage, it seems that they have begun to accept donations towards the purchase of servers for the U.S. market.

Even more AndNav videos are available on YouTube.