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Gameloft releases Men In Black game for free

May 24, 2012
They are the universe’s best-kept secret; the Earth’s best, last and only line of defense. They are the Men in Black and they are back. Men in Black is about to become a trilogy officially this weekend. If I heard it right, the movie’s story-line has some time-travelling elements. It’s pretty interesting and we’d love to give you more information about the movie but that’s not what we’re reporting here. Instead, we’d like to tell you about the movie tie-in game which Gameloft released ahead of the movie’s screening weekend.

Simply dubbed Men In Black 3 without any sub-title, this new Android game neither allows you to play Will nor Tommy’s characters. What the game lets you do instead is to create and manage your own MIB agency, train agents and give them missions to accomplish, and travel through time on various locations as depicted in the movie. These include Central Park, Times Square, Brooklyn in both 2012 and a 1969 timeline.

Of course, MIB3 is an action movie which will surely feature cool weapons and so does this game. You’ll be able to access and use famous MIB weapons including the Noisy Cricket, the Deatomizer, and the Neutralizer. You can even upgrade your weapons. For its social feature, the game also lets you invite your friends to play along through Facebook and Gameloft Live. Seriously, it’s more fun to beat those aliens if you do it together with your friends, right?

Sounds like a fun game? We’ll never know unless we download the game on Google Play store. It’s a good thing that Gameloft released it as a free download – allowing you to play the game in its entirety without spending a dime. If you get too engrossed with the game and decide to partake of the in-app purchases for weapons upgrade as well as the ability to advance further into the game, you will get charged. Otherwise, this it’s absolutely 100% free! So go ahead and install it!

That’s our review  for MIB3 but we’d like to hear your feedback about this game as it coincides with the movie. Are the in-app purchases a bummer or are they expected for a free game? Are the graphics decent enough to play with or are they like a time warp back to the Atari days? Does it rock the gamer in you or does it fall completely flat? Do let us know in the comments below!