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Free GPS extension kit for Asus Transformer Prime owners

April 7, 2012
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The Asus Transformer Prime TF201 is, quite possibly, the stuff that dreams are made of for a lot of Android fans, except for one annoying flaw that has been plaguing the tablet — its GPS function. Many users have been experiencing various problems, from difficulty to lock onto signals to slight reading inaccuracies. Fortunately, Asus is taking a proactive approach in ensuring that Transformers users are happy with the capabilities of their beloved device. The Taiwanese company plans to give away an external GPS extension kit to deal with the GPS-related problems, once and for all.

The news was first reported by members of the XDA-developers forum. An email communication with a Asus product manager revealed that the GPS dongle will be given for free to Asus Transformer Prime TF201 owners. The dongle is expected to improve GPS signal reception on the tablet and optimize user experience.

If you’re worried that the dongle will affect the looks of the TF201, Asus has thought about that as well. The dongle apparently will be of a minimalist design that matches the color of the tablet. According to people who have seen the kit, it would fit in unobtrusively on the bottom part of the Prime when held in landscape mode.

It’s possible that the dongle is the same GPS extension kit for Asus Transformer Prime TF201 that has been spotted on the Korean electronic device regulator’s website, though the release date is still unknown. You can get the free GPS extension kit by visiting Asus’ member website. You will have to register your tablet first if you haven’t already done so.

Look, we all know the perils of being early technology adopters and how there’s always the chance of getting unwanted extra features. While Asus should’ve made sure that the product they are releasing is fit for use in the first place, we applaud Asus for trying to set things right.