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Google has never really been one to offer paid applications or games for free, but it looks like that’s now changing, at least in the recently-launched Family section of the Google Play Store. For the first time, Google is offering a ‘Free App of the Week’, giving parents a great opportunity to download a premium app or game for their young ones. We’re not sure if this promotion is going to be offered exclusively in the Family section, but as of right now, it is.

The first ‘Free App of the Week’ is called Daniel Tiger Grr-ific Feelings, and normally costs $2.99. Once you make your way into the Family section, you’ll see a big banner telling you that there’s a free app available. Click on the banner, and a popup will appear giving you the app’s title, developer, as well as an install button. If you want to check out information on the app, you need to manually make your way over to the app’s page. However, if you want the app for free, you need to install it from clicking on the banner. The app is listed as $2.99 on the official application page.


Free App of the Week

It should be noted that Google doesn’t allow developers to offer their apps for free, only to hike them up to a higher price point in the future. Developers are only able to discount their paid apps if they want to charge for them again someday, and it appears the ‘Free App of the Week’ is an exception. If you’re interested in checking it out, head on over to the Play Store link below.

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