Maximizing one’s Android device is a must for many to fully enjoy its features and apps. Here are some apps available on the Market which can increase device performance:

1. History Eraser

Coming from the same developers of ATM, History Eraser makes your life easier by wiping out all your browser and search history, call log, text messages, clipboard data, and cache files, in just one button, in effect freeing up memory and space. Given its features, it’s a recommended privacy guard.

2. Android Assistant

Android Assistant has 18 features that will help you manage your device. Notable of them are the app backup and restore, system clean of apps that require web connection, file manager, and batch uninstall. With a whopping 4.5 rating on the Market, you can never go wrong with this comprehensive tool.

3. JuiceDefender

Save battery life by managing battery-draining features like web connectivity and CPU speed with JuiceDefender. It has 5 preset profiles that enable you to control when to save battery and what apps will be affected. It also has a smart brightness and Bluetooth controls for more effective battery saving.

4. Volume Control +

Maximize your device’s volume system with Volume Control +, with three control types to set feel and precision, and to adjust volume quickly. One can also control volume as well as vibrate settings of various features like music, ringing, notifications, alarm, and system alerts. The app’s screen, however, may not be optimized for one’s tablet.

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