Francois Beaufort

Noted Chrome OS developer Francois Beaufort was behind some of the most interesting recent Chrome OS and Chromium leaks, so Google must have thought that it would be even better to have him on its side. Yesterday, Beaufort revealed that he would be accepting a position at Google as an open-source Chromium Evangelist.

Francois Beaufort has announced the news on his Google Plus profile, saying that his new position will allow him to write in-depth articles on everything Chrome – team, culture, and features. I’m pretty sure that the latter is the most interesting part for a lot of people.

Beaufort has been the one that supplied, among other things, information about the integration of Google Now in Chrome and Chrome OS, the Notification Center code in Chromium, as well as the Chromebook Pixel.

The fact that he will now be able to do (hopefully) the same in an official capacity and reveal some of the inner workings of Google’s products can only be considered a good thing, don’t you think?

Bogdan Bele
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