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In a move that is strangely reminiscent of a certain “uncarrier” campaign, Sprint is offering you up to $650 to leave your current carrier and switch to their Framily plan.

This is a port-in offer for users coming from postpaid plans on another carrier. Sprint offers $300 through their Buyback program if you trade in your old phone, then, show them a picture of your last bill, including early termination fees or installment balance, and they’ll get you up to $350 reimbursement by way of a pre-paid Visa gift card. Conditions apply, as you might imagine.

Sprint Framily Plan Uncarrier

Sprint’s Framily plan allows you to group up to 10 lines under a single plan. Starting at $55/month per line for unlimited talk/text and 1GB of data, the cost is reduced by the price of a Little Ceaser’s pizza for each additional member added to the group. There is a limitation on reductions, with maximum savings getting you down to just $25/month per user. For more info on how all that works, plus options to get more data, read our previous post on Sprint’s Framily plan here.

The new Framily deal starts tomorrow, April 4th, and runs through to May 8th, 2014. Check out all the details on the Sprint website when they go live tomorrow.

bestbuy store

Aside from the deals direct from Sprint, it was announced that Best Buy will be able to sign you up onto the Framily plan as well. All the same Framily plan rules and benefits apply, but if you sign up at Best Buy between April 4th through 13th, they’ll throw in an additional $100 Best Buy gift card.

What do you think, are these the right moves to get users to jump over to Sprint services, or is Sprint just returning fire at T-Mobile for their un-carrier initiative? All that aside, does Sprint have what it takes to be your carrier?

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