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Frametris: Tetris clone with a twist

October 8, 2012

One of the games that took the world by storm with its simple but addictive gameplay was Tetris. Tetris was one of the classic games that most of you have tried playing when you were younger, either through classic game consoles or through the handheld Brick Game that most kids were lugging around then. The game’s simplicity was one of the charms that attracted a large audience of then-gamers.

Tetris is still a much-loved game even at present. Variations of the classic game have also surfaced, but out of all of them, there is one that is rather unique and of course, addictive to play. Taking the spotlight today is Frametris.

Frametris very much resembles the classic Tetris game but has a little bit of a twist to it. You still get to rotate the brick pieces and stack them over each other, but you have to make sure that you create rectangles or “frames” around the gold coin. The red brick pieces turn to blue once you press the Fix Piece button, setting the piece on the area of your choice. You cannot overlap brick pieces over the gray blocks, so be careful where you place your pieces.

Frametris challenges your thinking and strategy skills. Every move you make affects the following ones, so you really have to be mindful of where you place the pieces. The game’s scoring is done by squaring the number of blocks in all the frames you were able to make.

If you manage to make a lot of frames around the gold coin, your score will definitely be shooting through the roof. Every level has a number of challenges for you to accomplish and corresponding awards will be given to you if you are able to meet the tasks.

The game notifies you if you clear a challenge in a level. Each time you move up a level, you will be awarded bonuses that can help you big time in accomplishing upcoming challenges and levels. If you want to view the challenges for the level you are playing, you can access them through the Challenges button to help you keep track of the other challenges you haven’t accomplished yet.

The game also allows you to change your piece if you feel like your whole strategy will be messed up if you continue. Simply tap on the Change Piece button. The number of times you can change your pieces depends on each level, so making use of this privilege even if you don’t really need to can spell disaster for you the next time you really need to change your piece.

Once you’re out of moves or you can’t squeeze in a piece on the board, it’s game over for you. Frametris allows you to restart a game but not a level. So, if you are already on level 3, you can’t go back and restart levels 2 and 1.

Frametris, an addictive variation of Tetris, is a free app you can download from the Google Play Store. The app is not ad-supported, so that gets a million hurrahs from me and it avoids those annoying pop-ups that may get in the way of your game. If you loved the classic Tetris game and want to try another variation, Frametris is definitely a must-have.