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Foxconn CEO says the next iPhone "will put the Galaxy S3 to shame". But is it true?

June 21, 2012

It seems that Foxconn’s CEO Terry Gou has a beef with Samsung, ever since Sammy “snitched” to the EU the price-fixing scheme of four Taiwanese display makers.

First off, why wouldn’t Samsung do that if it was actually true? Would Mr. Gou prefer those companies to carry on with their price-fixing? If he would, then I question his work ethics, and who knows what else is going on at Foxconn that we don’t know about.

Second, Foxconn claiming that the next iPhone will put the Galaxy S3 to shame shouldn’t really surprise anyone. Foxconn is deeply integrated into Apple’s business, as they are assembling their iPhones and iPads, so whatever is good for Apple is good for Foxconn, and the other way around. Having the Samsung Galaxy S3 “steal” sales away from the iPhone must not make Foxconn’s CEO very happy, which is why he probably felt the need to come out and thrash the S3 in public.

Now, lets consider whether his claims can be true or not. Can the next iPhone really put the Galaxy S3 to shame?

That seems like a gross exaggeration, even if the next iPhone is a little better in some way than the Galaxy S3. But that shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering that, if the iPhone 5 (or 6) comes in November, four or five months will have passed since the Galaxy S3 started selling internationally. In fact, it would be very bad news if the next iPhone wouldn’t surpass the Galaxy S3 at least in some areas, and that holds true for any other phone that will come out at that time.

It’s possible that the next iPhone will have some new hardware features that the Galaxy S3 doesn’t have. We can’t really predict that right now. It might catch up in other areas, like LTE, NFC, and display size.

It’s very unlikely the new iPhone’s CPU will be a quad core. It will probably be a “last-gen” dual core Cortex A9 CPU, with higher clock speeds, maybe at 1.5 Ghz. The GPU may or may not surpass the Galaxy S3. The GPU in the Galaxy S3 handily beats the GPU in the iPhone 4S, and it’s only beaten by the GPU in the iPad. Even if Apple puts that GPU in the next iPhone, it will be underclocked, just like the one in the iPhone 4S was compared to the iPad 2. So we’ll see.

The thing is that just a month after the next iPhone’s launch, we’ll see a plethora of Nexus devices, and probably most, if not all, should beat the next iPhone in all areas. If the next Nexus device from Samsung comes out with Exynos 5250, then there’s no competition. The CPU will be twice as fast as the one in the iPhone, and the Mali T604 GPU will easily beat Apples’s GPU as well, probably with the same difference in performance.

The bottom line is that, whatever Foxconn’s honorable CEO Mr Gou says, you shouldn’t hesitate to get the Galaxy S3 just so you wait to see what the next iPhone brings. At that point, you might as well wait for the five Nexus devices from top Android manufacturers that are slated to come soon after the iPhone.

Technology moves fast for everyone.