Piracy has been one of the big issues of the Internet ever since megabyte-speed lines and smaller video files were developed. Music and movies are the usual targets for piracy – mostly because they’re really expensive when it comes down to it. Which is why downloads are at an all-time high and media company profits are getting lower.

One of the ways that the industry has tried to combat this is to sue a lot of people. However, that just made the studios more unpopular and encouraged media pirates everywhere. However, some of them seemed to have learned their lesson. Digital distribution is the wave of the future and a lot of companies have gone on the bandwagon – especially easily-digitized goods. MP3s were a success for Apple and it seems that it should work for movies.

At least, that’s what Twentieth Century Fox is hoping for with its push to deliver movie downloads to Google’s Android smartphone and tablet platform. This can put a crimp in Apple’s plans to rule the roost.

So how exactly does this work? Well, Fox plans to give people who bought the Blu-ray discs of its movies access to a free digital copy. They’ve already slated for release to the US, UK, France and Germany markets. Movies have been a big hit for Android lately, with Netflix and similar programs wanting to deliver movies digitally to people.

Fox is hoping that with all the good buzz that the service would create, it would be easier to break into digital distribution of its movies. How will the entire thing work?

With a purchase of a Blu-ray DVD of a movie, customers have the chance to download a digital copy of the movie for their own enjoyment. Starting with the DVD release of X-Men: First Class, this service provides the customers options. With the popularity of Android as a digital platform, it should grant Fox a significant market penetration. Fox is no stranger to digital though, it’s been release bundles of Blu-rays, DVDs and digital copies since 2009, but this is a first for individual downloads.

Fox isn’t just letting thing lie with digital copies. It is already hard-at-work leaving at developing new apps for Android for use with the digital copies, to create a more smooth and compelling story-telling experience. Keep your eyes peeled for any app releases. Also, expect some of the other studios to follow suit.

Source: Financial Times



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