We have seen quite a bit of updated and new apps in the last 24 or so hours, including Chrome Beta and Microsoft’s OneNote launching in the Android Market, and Seesmic, Google+ and Foursquare getting updated. But most importantly Foursquare added NFC Beam support in it’s latest update. This goes without saying but I am going to say it anyways, you need a NFC chip and Android 4.0 for Android Beam to work. So basically right now the only device that Android Beam will work on is the Galaxy Nexus. Foursquare also improved scrolling speed throughout the app in this update.

So now when you and your buddies are out at the strip club and one of your friends check’s in before you, all you need to do is to touch your Galaxy Nexii (or Nexus’) together and you can checked in too. No need to put your drink down to checkin, just bump the Nexus, tap to beam the venue and check-in. Pretty simple right?

Personally I really can’t wait to see what else other app developers can do with Android Beam, it’s a really cool feature in Ice Cream Sandwich, and I hope all the future devices come with NFC. You can download the app at the source link below.

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