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New Foursquare improves design and remembers what you like

Foursquare has a completely new app for you, with a re-designed UI, unrecognizable navigation and personalized results.
August 6, 2014
Foursquare tablet UI update

Life revolves around good moments, and good moments usually revolve around good places. But what defines a good place? Such label factors in social standards and personal preferences, but the latter is usually not taken into account in Foursquare searches. This is one of the main changes you will find in the updated Foursquare app.

The biggest feature is that Foursquare will now remember the places you like, only to take you to “places you will love”. We don’t need to get into slogans to make sense of this, though. The new feature will simply recall your personal preferences when looking for a cool spot to spend your time in. This means all searches and recommendations will be personalized, making each experience unique.

“Getting a one-size-fits-all list of places may have been innovative in 2006, but it feels downright antiquated now. Our tastes are all different, so why should we all see the same results?”

This huge feature is no reason to ignore the design changes. In fact, the app and navigation are no longer recognizable. Foursquare has altered everything, from the design to the logo. The streamlined UI now looks much sleeker and dynamic. The colors are brighter and even the way you use the app has changed.


Users will be asked about their preferences after opening the new app for the first time, but after that you will find yourself lost for a little while.

The biggest difference is probably that there is no longer a way to check in. Those who want to reveal their location now have to rely on the same company’s Swarm app. This means users will have to change their habits and use other features in order to maximize their Foursquare experience, making this the biggest change Foursquare has ever seen.

If you are ready for this ride, you can go ahead and get the new Foursquare app straight from the Google Play Store. Good luck!