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Update for Foursquare for Android brings back nearby friends and adds social history

Foursquare is the world's most popular check-in based social network. Recently, the Foursquare crew has updated their application to include always on notifications for your close friends, social history to show who's been where and how many times, and they brought back nearby friends. With these updates, Foursquare has more features than ever.
September 26, 2012
Foursquare is used by about 20 million people around the world. As a result, the app has received somewhere between 10 and 50 million downloads from the Google Play Store. Yesterday, the application received an update that added a few new things and brought some old features back. The core of the application remained unchanged, but the new features should help keep Foursquare members in the app longer.

The biggest new feature introduced is called social history. On every venue page now, there will be the option to check out who has been there before. Now you can see if your friends have been there, when they were there, and how many times they’ve been there.

It isn’t inherently useful, unless you’re looking for a specific place your friends told you to go. Then you can check to see if that was the place they were referring to. Additionally, you can see if your friends liked or disliked the venue, which can help decide if you even want to go there.

One feature they brought back was the good old nearby friends feature. Using this, you can see if any of your friends are nearby when you check into a place. This is a feature that Foursquare has had before so it shouldn’t be new to people who have been frequently using the application for awhile.

Other recent Foursquare features

The update follows in the footsteps of another update that took place a couple of days ago that also added some new features. The one everyone is talking about is the ability to set notifications to Always On.

Always On will give you up to date updates on everything your friends are doing. Unlike other notification settings, these settings are for specific people. So if you want to keep track of a close friend, you can enable their profile for Always On notifications.

If you combine the last couple of updates, which happened in the last couple of days, then Foursquare has added quite a bit in the recent past. You should have received all the updates by now. If you haven’t, you can see if it’s available on their Play Store page here.