Taking photos with mobile phones is now closer to art than ever and the high-resolution cameras, as well as the picture-editing apps, sometimes make smartphone pics look way cooler and more original than photos taken with a traditional camera.

But what about those times when you want to make your photos more alive, but you don’t want to record a video clip? Cinemagraphs are the obvious way to go and, while iOS-special apps like Flixel and Cinemagram have allowed Apple users to take such photographs for a while, Android enthusiasts have been left out.

Dancing photos are now finally at your discretion, with the exclusive launch of fotodanz over on Google Play. Designed by bbigg Applications, the new Android app is very easy to use and, while it still lacks a couple of key functions and features, it will provide you with all you need to come up with your own cool cinemagraphs.

With fotodanz, you can capture three seconds of video, circle a region around the area you want to animate and make a still and boring photo come to life. The app is all about simplicity, so the user interface is intuitive and basic, while allowing you to get in touch with your creative side. You can therefore add several filter effects to your animations and refine them until you get to the desired “dancing” effect.

Another two aces up this app’s sleeve are the automatic video stabilizer and the compression feature, reducing file size by as much as 70% (and we all know how much Gif files usually “weigh”).

On the other hand, there are still a bunch of features lacking at fotodanz, some of which are truly deal-breakers. You can only share your animated pictures by e-mail for the time being, you can’t record more than 3 seconds of video and you can only circle a single region in a clip and animate.

The first of these three issues should be solved soon enough, with social network sharing being included in the next update’s changelog, while the other two aren’t regarded by the app’s developers as problems, but rather as features. And while it’s true that simplicity is very important for such an app, I think that many of you would like some extra “space” to show off your abilities and creativity.

The next version of the app, due to be released in just a few weeks, will be bringing, aside from social network sharing, more filters and animations. Lagging issues reported by some users will also be addressed, so fotodanz is set to grow significantly with the 1.2 update.

Get the Android app for free from Google Play right now and let us know what you think about it. Would you have liked an extra touch of functionality or is fotodanz everything you wanted such an app to be?

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