Right from the get go, please be informed this isn’t a watch that’s got Android OS on it. Nuh-uh. That’s best left to the near future. The MetaWatch from Fossil Meta is supposed to be a super accessory for Android phones, meaning vital info on your favorite gadget gets displayed on your wrist. So basically what you’ve got is not only a time piece, but a rather useful display that keeps abreast of all that’s happening on your phone.

Another impression that should be dispelled about the MetaWatch, which is a mighty fine gadget anyway, is the wearer cannot use it as a surrogate smartphone. Sure, one variant has a couple of tiny OLEDS on its face (see below), but it’s not a touchscreen. What the MetaWatch does best is use Bluetooth tech to receive transmitted data from your Android phone and display it. The variety of its displaying is quite awesome too: be it emails, text messages, weather, alarm clock. Basically, the whole breadth of basic functions expected from your average hard-working smartphone.

The MetaWatch becomes available to developers real soon but will unfortunately be out of the public’s grasp for some time. Give Fossil a break here, as the MetaWatch is a bold new venture for them. When (and if) it ever does get an official release date, expect the MetaWatch to inspire a powerful craving among the Android faithful. Or at least that particular segment of the faithful who want Android action on their wrist, telling them time and notifying emails. Really something to look forward to.

Source: Fonehome