Fortune Magazine’s Jon Fortt is marking the case that Palm needs Android to survive. Palm has seen its own OS delayed time and time again, and has been relying on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile OS as well as an ancient version of the Palm OS that hasn’t changed in years.

Fortt argues that the benefits of a company using its own OS, cool factor and cost, really aren’t there for Palm and its vaporous Linux based Palm OS. Android’s royalty free licensing makes it a bit of a no-brainer as far as costs go, and considering that it is available on only one device at the moment, it’s still new and cool.

On top of that, one of Palm’s strengths has always been applications, and Android’s open nature makes that easy. Palm could totally redo the entire look and feel of the OS if it chose to.

It would be a risky move for Palm, no doubt, but would it be any more risky than waiting another year+ before seeing devices running a new Palm OS? That’s a tougher call….

[via mocoNews]

Darcy LaCouvee
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