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Focus@Will: Scientifically proven to instantly improve your focus

Maintaining focus while trying to meet a deadline can feel impossible, but the good folk at Focus@Will have a scientifically proven solution.
February 26, 2018

A lot of our readers will spend a fair bit of their working day trying to focus. We sure do. That’s why when we heard that Focus@Will was on offer, we thought it might be something you might find interesting.

Whether you’re a techy type who’s coding round the clock, or a college student with an essay deadline approaching, concentration really is everything.

Scientifically optimized to help you focus

You’ve probably tried many a strategy to drown out distractions. Music is the obvious answer, but you might find it’s very difficult to know if it’s helping. You ask yourself the same questions: Should it be music I like? Is that more distracting? Is classical music the answer? Should I have it loud or quiet?

It’s really tough to know how to best use music. Fortunately Focus@Will have done the leg-work on this. Using their extensive research they’ve put together a music package that’s scientifically optimized to help you focus.

Focus@Will claim that over 50 channels of exclusively curated music have been scientifically proven to increase your productivity by 400%. We’ll have to trust them on that one, but hey, even if it gives you a 50% boost, you’re still looking at quite an upturn in your output.

4/5 Stars on over 2,600 Google Play reviews

TechDeals are currently offering you an 80% discount on both the 1 year and lifetime subscriptions of Focus@Will. Right now the 1 year package is only $19.99. If it earns you that extra grade or promotion then it could be the best investment you’ll make this year.

As icing on the cake, Tech Deals just let us know they’re running an additional promo on this. Check out with the code FOCUS15 and you’ll get an additional 15% off!

If you’re reading this instead of working, then hit the button below to get focused instantly!

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