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Boost your focus with the FOCI wearable

Improve your focus with Cognitive Biometrics and the AI Mind Coach of FOCI. You can save 42% on it during this price drop.
January 9, 2020

Technology is amazing, but sometimes it’s more distracting than it is helpful. On average, people get distracted from what they’re doing every three minutes, which adds up to 31 days of distractions every year.

Thankfully, technology is also here to help. You can take on your distraction with the FOCI focus-boosting wearable, and it’s on offer this week. All you have to do is pop it on your waistband and get started with your day.

FOCI knows when you’re distracted and vibrates to remind you to focus, but it’s much more than just a pager for procrastination. It relies on Cognitive Biometrics and an AI Mind Coach to track your behavior.

Real-time reminders and vibrations to regain your attention.

The biometrics monitors your breathing patterns and helps you understand how your body reacts in times of distraction. All of the information is then provided to you through the paired app with measurements of your state of mind minute-by-minute.

The AI brain coach is like your very own Coach Klein from The Waterboy. It provides real-time reminders and vibrations to regain your attention. The AI power behind the coach also helps it to learn your tendencies and try to coach you into better focus.

foci wearable

FOCI wearable at a glance:

  • Cognitive Biometrics captures your mind states through your breathing pattern, helping you understand yourself better.
  • The Mind Orb switches color when you lose attention to keep you on track and focused.
  • Measure every minute of focus, distraction, stress, and fatigue.
  • The AI Mind Coach gives you a real-time recommendation to boost your attention.
  • Know if you have done well and be reminded to pay attention with a gentle vibration at your waist.

The FOCI wearable has a retail value of $119, but you can save 42% and pick yours up for just $69. If you can claw back even a fraction of that 31-day loss of each year to distractions then you’re winning.

The deal is due to end soon, so pick yours up via the widget below before you get distracted again.

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