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Focal camera app hits the Play Store - lives up to its beta tag

Shortly after leaving CyanogenMod, the Focal app hits the Play Store for all to enjoy, albeit in the form of a beta product. Read on for all the details!
September 23, 2013
Focal (Beta) - Android Apps on Google Play

The Focal camera app has been in the news for all of the wrong reasons lately, after being excluded from CyanogenMod after disagreements between its creator and the Cyanogen team over the commercialisation of Cyanogen. Luckily it’s now been made available in the Google Play Store for everyone to enjoy, albeit in the form of a beta product.

The Focal camera app is by far the most comprehensive camera app on the Google Play Store, allowing the user to change the ISO, exposure, adjust the color and more. There’s also a plethora of camera modes with the regular single shooting mode, panorama, burst shot mode and a mode that is similar to Photosphere called PicSphere.

The side bar is brought up by a swipe from the left and allows you to pin settings so that they’re readily available. Remember that this is still a beta product, and as such there are a variety of issues including a rather big one that is present on my Nexus 4. The orientation of the pictures taken by the Focal app are incorrect and the app is a little sluggish overall, which is to be expected in a beta app.

However, if you’re looking for a replacement for your own camera app which is more in line with the Holo guidelines and offers heaps of settings for you to tinker with, hit the source link below to get started.

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