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Flynx Browser (beta) - Indie app of the day

Today's indie app of the day is Flynx Browser. This is a floating window browser that lets you surf the web without leaving your current app. Check it out!
September 23, 2014
Flynx Browser review

What is Flynx Browser?

Flynx Browser is a floating web browser. That means that pops up in its own window and you can access it without leaving the application that you’re currently in. We’ve no doubt that this app is being built in competition to the very popular Link Bubble app but it’s still currently in beta.

Here is how Flynx Browser works. When you click on a link in an application the app will open a little bubble. If you click on the bubble it’ll open a window with the web page you originally clicked on. You can click the bubble right away or you can leave it sitting there for a moment while it loads and you can keep doing whatever it is that you’re doing. You can open multiple links and each one appears as a tab when you open the bubble. That makes it great for people who like to click on things when browsing social media.

There are a few other features. Flynx Browser has an option called Reading Mode that loads only the text of a website which is helpful for those with slower data connections. Things like sharing and navigation are pretty simple so anyone could get into it and not have problems figuring out how it works. It also supports four other languages including Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified), German, and Spanish. The developers have stated that more is coming soon.

Flynx Browser review
Flynx Browser is a fun little project. It’s definitely useful and one day it will likely compete with the likes of Link Bubble and other floating window browsers. Those who don’t mind playing with beta projects can enjoy the app for free with no in app purchases. If you like this concept but want something more stable, we recommend trying Link Bubble. If this looks like its up your alley then check it out!