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FlyFit is a new ankle worn fitness monitor for swimmers, runners, and cyclists

Flyfit aims to more accurately track your fitness by measuring leg movements for cycling, swimming, running, or stair climbing, directly from your ankle.
February 13, 2014
FlyFit Ankle Fitness Band

There’s a growing market for fitness based smartphone accessories. Nike has leapt into the market with its own Fuelband, CES saw the launch of FitBand, Samsung still seems committed to its S Health app, Google is developing its own fitness API, and you can even track your fitness from your socks these days.

Flyfit aims to do things a little differently to the existing crop, most noticeable by fitting around your ankle rather than your wrists, but also by focusing specifically on measuring different leg movements for cycling, swimming, running, or stair climbing, in order to more accurately track the wearer’s performance. The little device will also track your sleep patterns too.

The ankle tracker has interchangeable bands which will be made available in five colors: the basics (black and white) plus three fashion colors (cyan, fuchsia and bright yellow). It features a simple LED panel that lets you check which activity you are tracking, as well as the band’s remaining battery life. The Flyfit claims to have an eight-hour battery life with real-time syncing to your smartphone, and should be able to last for up to a week on a single charge in off-sync mode.

FlyFit Fitness Tracker

Flyfit was created by husband and wife team Jimmy Leu and Beatrice Chu, after Chu become irritated that other fitness trackers weren’t accurately recording her workouts.

The fitness band has just launched its Kickstarter page, which needs to raise $90,000 by March 25th. As usual, there are several tiers of support available, each offering some unique twists on the standard product package. Sadly, development will be focusing on iOS integration first, but Flyfit’s creators are working on an Android app and its development will be hurried along if the project reaches its $150,000 stretch goal.

Flyfit is aiming to have a beta test product available as early as May, with mass production scheduled for August of this year.