Back to the Future first hit the big screen way back in 1985, and yet it still captivates many of us even to this day (myself certainly included!). For BTTF fans, it seems that this is shaping up to be a pretty big month.

First, there was the news that was partnering up with Universal Studios to offer replicas of the Marty McFly shoes worn in BTTF Part II, with plans to sell them come September 30th. And now mobile fans can get their hands on a mini-flux capacitor that might not be able to take them back and forth through time, but does a pretty fine job of charging up mobile devices.

The Flux Capacitor isn’t officially licensed from the sounds of it, but it looks pretty darn close to the one from the movie, albeit in smaller form. The charger plugs into your cigarette lighter and then provides two USB ports for charging up your gear and is capable of 2.1 amps of power (sorry, no 1.21 gigawatts here). The Flux Capactitor actually started off as an April Fool’s joke for ThinkGeek, but has since been turned into a real product that is available now for just $25.

So what do you think, anyone interested in picking this one up?

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