After ruling the sports chart on Apple’s app store, the tactical football game Fluid Football has dribbled its way to Google Play. The good news is the game is a free download. However, for those who are willing, there’s also an in-app purchasing mechanism to buy coins, instead of earning them from your mad gaming skills.

Fluid Football isn’t your ordinary action-packed footie game and it’s actually one that resembles a strategy-based game, albeit one that’s played on the football field. Once you’ve mastered the basic swipe controls, such as how to run, pass the ball to your team mates, and shoot the ball to the net, you’ll begin your journey to the top.

On each match, you’ll have to meet some objectives in order to move on, such as passing the ball several times before making shoot attempts. While the first set of challenge is pretty easy, the latter will require you to put on your thinking cap and play faster due to the time limit. Bear in mind that real-life football rules also apply here. We’re probably not good at this yet, as the curse of offside keeps befall us.

The game features some pleasing 3D eye candy in the graphics department, while the vibrant commentary is a nice addition. Overall, we can see why it can be pretty addictive – especially for sports fans.

Check out Fluid Football now on Google Play.

Bams Sadewo
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