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Flipboard for Android comes out in beta, available for download now

May 31, 2012

Hi, there Samsung Galaxy S3 owners! Assuming stores ran out of the Pebble Blue model, how are you enjoying the Flipboard app on your Marble White Galaxy S3? The social magazine app may have been designated as an exclusive for the S3, but fortunately, the ever so resourceful XDA devs have made the APK available on other Android phones and tablets.

The unofficial Flipboard app doesn’t run perfectly, namely there’s the issue of slow loading of content, no landscape support, and zooming is MIA. But it’s enough to satisfy the curiosity that many Android users have over the app, which found its stardom on iOS devices.

Still, it doesn’t hurt to ask when we can expect to see a fully-fledged Flipboard app for all Android devices and their wide range of screen resolutions. It goes without saying that the developer wants to ensure that the experience of using Flipboard on Android will be on par to that of iOS.

While we’ve been quite lucky to have a taste of Flipboard on non-Galaxy S3 phones, it may still be quite a while before we see a final build of Flipboard that works without a hitch. According to Engadget, the app will come out in beta soon, and wear that beta for the next months. It’s a move that allows the developer to get feedback from early adopters and make the necessary improvements, without the taunts from unhappy users.

The Verge chimes in with the information that the Flipboard beta APK is now available from the Flipboard website, but not yet from Google Play. If you want to give it a test run, feel free to download the app file from here.

So, now you have the option to run an official Flipboard app on your device, even if it’s still in beta, with all the little shortcomings that you would expect from a beta app. Of course, there are some pretty good alternatives out there to get your daily dose of news and social media updates.