Flipboard 2.0

In the wake of Google Reader being shuttered, Flipboard announced a new ‘create your own magazine’ feature. That function, built into their 2.0 update, allows users to basically cobble together stories they find interesting. Due to the interface of Flipboard, it populates like a digital magazine. You can even share it via various social media platforms. Pretty awesome, right?

Clearly, it is. Flipboard has noted, via their blog, that over a half million people have taken advantage of that feature. That’s a lot of people playing ‘magazine editor’ with Flipboard, though only the content can be manicured… not the layout. This was timely for Flipboard, and only promises to get better.

The newest version of Flipboard, and this magazine feature, is not yet available for Android. That means these half million magazine users are all iOS devotees. There is no breakdown of which devices these magazines were accessed or created through, but I’m sure the iPad is our main culprit.

The question for us is how much Android will impact this number. Flipboard has not given a solid release date for Android, and their sharing function for magazines is not yet available on Google+. For Flipboard users, this is a fantastic feature that is sure to renew and increase interest in the service. I’m a big fan of a great service getting better, so Flipboard 2.0 should be a lot of fun. If you’re a stat junky, check out the cool infographic on the Flipboard blog!