Flipboard, like Instagram, held off for a very long time from coming to Android, and it was unfortunate, because Flipboard is one of the apps that people like most on iOS. At the same time, it’s one of the most popular newsreader apps out there, thanks to the innovative way it shows content from social networks and other sources.

Thanks to Samsung, Flipboard came exclusively with the Galaxy S3, although unofficially this exclusivity was short lived, thanks to a leaked APK file. After a short beta period, Flipboard developers have officially launched an Android app that is available in the Play Store for everyone.

Google made an offer to buy the Flipboard developers more than a year ago, but they refused. Instead, Google went ahead and made their own version called, Google Currents, which works similarly, although it’s less focused on social network integration, and more on RSS feeds.

I’m not sure whether it was Google who wanted to give Flipboard access to the Google+ and YouTube APIs for integrating them into the app, or they could already do that themselves, but the new Flipboard for Android will have these two sources available as well.

The Flipboard team claims that the YouTube integration will give you the best browsing experience for YouTube, similar to reading a magazine. You can flip through your subscriptions, uploads, and favorites, or enjoy popular feeds like Most Viewed, Trending Videos, and Top Favorites right from your Flipboard app.

Flipboard is also launching localized versions in 5 new countries: Germany, Italy, Korea, the Netherlands, and Spain, in addition to the existing localizations for Japan, France, China, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. In these countries, you can get fully translated articles, but also curated local news, while still being able to explore content from around the world.

Head over to the Play Store link if you want to try Flipboard for yourself (it’s free).

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