Flipboard 2.0

Apple iPhone and iPad owners have been using the new Flipboard 2.0 for over 6 weeks now, and now it’s our turn. Today, Flipboard has officially launched version 2.0 in the play store. What does the update bring? Magazines, but not the type of magazines that you buy from your local 7/11.

Flipboard magazines are created by the people. for the people. If you have ever dreamt of being an editor in chief, or just want to share your hobby or passions with the world, now you can. The Flipboard team also decided to make it ridiculously easy to create and manage the magazines, with the ability to add content from all over the net. You can also manage your magazine on your desktop at editor.flipboard.com.

To get a better understanding of the new features watch the video tour:

Have you had a chance to test out the new Flipboard? What are your thoughts on the new magazine feature? Let everyone know in the comments below.